Storing Memories

We received a letter recently from one of our customers – Beth Wheatley of Vancouver. Here it is:

When my elderly father passed away, he left a house full of furniture and belongings for us to go through. It was a treasure trove of antiques. There was everything from chinaware to antique lamps to Christmas decorations from my childhood. Some of it we gave away to help other people, but much of it is stuff that I don’t want to part with. Yet.

But there’s no room to store it in our condo. Besides, we don’t want to live with a bunch of boxes all around our home. But what to do with the stuff? I needed a storage solution. Above all else I wanted my dad’s stuff to be safe. So I did my research, found Simply Storage, and asked for a quote for their storage services through their website’s Contact form.

Simply Storage has 24 hour digital CCTV, staff on site 7 days a week, and my unit even has its own alarm. They’ll know that moment if someone tries to break into my storage unit. Check out their other security features under Residential on this website.

So my stuff will be safe in storage. Maybe someday I will be ready to give more away. But right now I don’t have to worry about it, and that’s great. They can do it for you, too.

Beth Wheatley, Vancouver, BC