Storing Books and Paper, Part 2

Books with Pages Marked

As you store your books, keep a list of what books you are placing into self storage, and what box number they are in. Such an inventory will help you remember what you have in storage, and consulting this list will help prevent buying a second copy of a book you already have.

Books and paper can make boxes extra heavy, so it works best when you don’t fill an entire box with them. Instead, put lighter items into each box to fill it up. This storage solution can be anything from Christmas ornaments to knick knacks. Be sure that these lighter objects are dry and clean, so they don’t leak onto or dirty your books and papers.

When you bring your boxes of books and paper (and hopefully also containing some lighter items) to storage, try to remember to place them on supports or on top of other boxes. Although we have never had a flood at our mini storage units, we caution our storage users to not store books on the floor just in case we ever do have a flood.

If you do all this, you can rest assured that your books and paper are maintaining their condition while in storage. When the day comes that you take them home again, you will be able to enjoy them.