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Living Room

Item # of Items Item # of Items
Bar, Portable Bench Lamp, Floor/Pole
Bookcase 15" x 24" x 72" Magazine Rack
Cabinet, Curio Rug or Pad 12" x 12"
Chair, Straight 5" x 8"
Arm Sofa, Rattan/Wicker
Rocker Sectional (per section)
Occasional Loveseat
Overstuffed 3 Cushion
Chest, Cedar Hideaway 4 Cushion
Clock, Grandfather Stereo, Component
Coat Tree Tables, Drop Leaf
Day Bed Coffee
Desk, Small End
Secretary TV, Portable 13"
Entertainment Center 48"w x 60"h x 24"d Table Model 27"
Fireplace Equipment Console 27"
Footstool TV Stand
Home Theatre 4pcs, 6 speakers Trunk

Dining Room

Item # of Items Item # of Items
Bench, 2 Person Dining Chair
Buffet (Base) Server
Hutch (Top) Tea Cart
Cabinet, Corner Rugs or pads
Dining Table Area 10" x 12"


Item # of Items Item # of Items
Bed, Waterbed Base Desk, Small
Rollaway Dresser
Single/Hollywood Vanity and Bench
Double Single
Queen Double
King Triple
Bunk (Set 2) Night Table
Chair, Arm/Rocker Rug or Pad, 10" x 12"
Stuffed 5" x 8"
Chest, Bachelor Wardrobe
Cedar Small 36"w x 60"h x 18"d
Clothes, Basket/Hamper Large 48"w x 78"h x 24"d


Item # of Items Item # of Items
Baby Carriage Chest, Toy
Folding Crib, Baby
Non-Folding Rug or Pad 12" x 12"
Bath 5" x 8"
Bed, Toddler Playpen, Portable
Chair, Child's Full Size
Chair, High Table, Child's


Item # of Items Item # of Items
Air Conditioner Refrigerator
Small 6 cubic feet or less
Large 7 to 10 cubic feet
Dehumidifier 11 to 15 cubic feet
Dishwasher Sewing Machine, Portable
Freezer Console
10 cubic feet or less Trash Compactor
11 to 15 cubic feet Vacuum Cleaner
16 to 20 cubic feet Washing Machine
Range, 20" w Dryer


Item # of Items Item # of Items
Breakfast Table Microwave Oven
Chair Serving Cart
Kitchen Hutch Stool

Porch & Outdoor

Item # of Items Item # of Items
BBQ Grill Lawn Mower, Push
Small Riding
Large Cart, etc.
Chairs, Folding Outdoor Child Slide
Stacking (4) Child Gym
Stationary Swing Set
Chaise Lounge Picnic Table
Garden Hose & Reel Bench
Glider or Settee Sand Box
Ladder, 6" Step Table, 6 Person
8" Metal Umbrella
Extension 16" Wheelbarrow

Sporting Equipment

Item # of Items Item # of Items
Bar Bells (150 lbs) Pool Table
Bicycle Row Boat (16" Covered)
Bowling Ball/Bag Sled (1 person)
Canoe 14" Tackle Box/Fishing Rod
Exercise Bike Toboggan
Game Table Tricycle
Golf Bag
Ping Pong Table

Business / Miscellaneous

Item # of Items Item # of Items
Bookcase Heater, Gas/Electric
Card Table Metal Shelves, 6"
Computer Power Tool
Credenza, 6" Power Tool Stand
Folding Chairs Printer Stand
Cot, Folding Room Panel Dividers, 6"
Desk, Office, 72" x 30" Suitcase
Fan Table, Utility
Ironing Board Tire with Rim
File Box (Bankers Box) Tradeshow Display 10" x 10" (3 cases)
Filing Cabinet, (2 drawer) Utility Cabinet, 6"
4 Drawer
Lateral, 2 Drawer