Richmond BC a Walkable Bicycle friendly Community

Richmond BC is updating the official community plan to move toward a Sustainable city.   In the fall 2009 public consultation, the City Officials asked what the City could do to contribute to a healthy, Vibrant community today and in the future. One of the Aspects of a healthy vibrant community is to achieve A compact, transit oriented, walk able, bicycle friendly Community that has a range of housing choices, services And amenities close by over the long term. The City of Richmond be the most appealing, livable, and Well-managed community in Canada.  I would like to be able to say in 2021 that I live in Richmond because it is the best community in the Lower mainland

Simply Self Storage is pleased to announce that it wants to help  and share the aspirations and the wishes of the Richmond Community.  We have converted a great building centrally located in the heart of the city for a self storage facility that has safe secure storage for business, personal, RVs, Boats, and now Bicycles. Living in a compact transiet oriented walkable city limits space in your living accomodation and hence storage at Simply Self Storage will be your storage space away from home.