Not everyone has room to keep their vehicles at home. Some require short term storage while others require a much longer period of time. Whatever kind of vehicle storage service you require in Richmond, we at Simple Self Storage can provide all types of storage solutions. Learn why you should store your car, SUV or trailer at our facility here.

Visit our vehicle storage in Vancouver close to the Marina at Bridgeport, and you can find space for vehicles of all sizes, from 12 ft to 40 ft. We are the specialists in vehicle storage, and provide the perfect setting for safe storage of any car or truck. Some of the main features of our vehicle storage in Richmond include:

  • 24-hour monitoring of site access
  • Security surveillance
  • Controlled entry gate keypad
  • Chain link security fencing
  • Private keypad code for entry/exit
  • Extra fencing deterrents

The next time you need a safe place for vehicle storage in Richmond, speak with us. You will not have to seek help from your relatives or friends in the area. All you have to do is call us or visit our facility at Bridgeport and No.3 Road, and we will plan for you.

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