Moving and Renovating

If you are moving or renovating in Vancouver, it would help to have some temporary space to safe keep all your belongings. We, at Simply Self Storage, can provide flexible month-to-month lease-based moving storage in Vancouver.

Plenty of Storage Sizes to Choose From

You can store anything from large furniture to file cabinets in our moving and renovating storage spaces in Richmond. The different storage units range in sizes from 5×5 feet to 15×20 feet. Besides, we provide all types of moving supplies that you will ever need for packing and moving your items to our spaces. Use our trolleys and carts will always be there for easier transport.

Convenience, Convenience, and… Convenience!

If you have a small renovation job, you can easily move your belongings to another room. But if you need to replace a roof, change the flooring, and conduct some major architectural work, you will need a reliable and safe renovating storage space in Richmond. Home renovation can be much simpler when everything is out of the way. Once you have decided the kind of home renovation you will be doing, you can check the kind of renovating storage supplies we offer.

It is also recommended to check all the moving tips that can help with your moving and storage requirements.

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