There are hundreds of reasons why people need extra storage space. In some cases, it could be to pack or reorganize your home during redecorating, moving or downsizing. Whatever the reason may be, we at Simply Self Storage provide both short-term and long-term self storage solutions for households in the Greater Vancouver area, including Richmond.

Simply Self Storage offers:

Simply Flexible Self Storage

Our residential storage service in Richmond is designed to meet any type of demand. You may not know how much space is required for storing your furniture, or how much time the renovation could take. Our storage solutions are highly flexible, which means you can find storage units of different shapes and sizes to meet customer household requirements.

Our storage unit can be used by residential movers or moving companies in Richmond for both short-term and long-term storage. You can rent the required space for as long as you need. More importantly, we will not require you to enter into any long-term commitments with big deposits.

Total Security

Securing your belongings is the topmost priority at Simply Self Storage. Our residential self storage units are monitored through 24-hour CCTV coverage, ensuring well-rounded safety and security for your belongings. Besides, the individual alarm systems for the units will alert you instantly in case of unauthorized access. Our security staff is present on the site seven days a week. The entire building is enclosed in impenetrable perimeter fencing and the entrance ways can be accessed only via highly secure codes. Fire alarm systems and smoke detectors are just other measures we take to further enhance the safety of your belongings.

Cost Effective Residential Storage

When you choose our self storage service you can remain assured that you are getting the most cost effective storage solution in the Richmond market.

At Simply Self Storage, it is all about providing better storage solution to our residential customers – a solution that is safe, secure, convenient and cost effective.

Convenient Residential Self Storage

Simply Self Storage is located at an easy to reach area in Richmond. We understand the importance of convenience for our residential storage customers, and the location of our building ensures that you will always find it convenient to store with us. Besides, we can also co-ordinate your residential move with our trusted moving and storage service providers to make the entire process more convenient.

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