We, at Simply Self Storage, are your reliable and conveniently located residential and business storage providers in Richmond. We can also help with your moving requirements through our trusted partners.

Convenient and Safe Moving

The following are your 4 major steps to convenient and safe moving:

  • Packing
  • Moving
  • Self Storage
  • Insurance

Spend just a few more minutes packing and moving now and it could save you hours of frustration in the future. Here is a list of useful tips that can help you get all your residential or commercial items ready for storage at our Richmond facility.

Moving Tips

Moving Tips

  • Moving is the best time to purge. If you haven’t been using an item in the past year, you must consider if you really need it.
  • Boxes shouldn’t be too heavy to lift.
  • Heavy and large items should be moved first and placed strategically on the floor in your self storage unit at our facility.
  • Valuable items should be placed at the back of the storage unit for additional security.
  • The choice of climate-controlled residential/business storage unit will depend on the type of item you are storing – temperature sensitive items, costly electronics or quality furniture.

Packing Tips

When you pack your items for self storage in Richmond, make sure to follow these packing tips:

  • Determine the type of packing supplies and boxes you will need well ahead of time.
  • Fill all the boxes to capacity for convenient stacking and for preventing them from collapsing.
  • Place all the heavier boxes at the bottom.
  • Boxes shouldn’t be filled entirely with heavy books, but they should have a mix of heavy and light stuff.
  • Memories and photographs can be protected by placing them between books.
  • If you need to store machines with engines such as lawn mowers, make sure that all the gas and oil is drained off.
  • Make sure to use wardrobe boxes to help prevent the clothes from getting wrinkled. We provide special residential storage solutions for storing different types of household items.
  • Shovels, hoes and rakes are best stored in garbage cans.
  • It is always recommended to label all your boxes.
  • Smaller items can be stored in the empty spaces in your stored furniture.
  • Use packing tape to seal off all the boxes from dust.
  • Wrap off furniture legs using protective wraps, and the furniture in covers/pads to prevent scratching.

Storage Tips

Simply Self Storage is your trusted specialist in self storage in Vancouver. When storing your residential or commercial items, make sure to follow these storage tips:

  • When you choose a self storage unit in Richmond, make sure to leave a narrow walkway down the centre for convenient access. It will also create air space for proper ventilation.
  • All the mirrors and paintings should be stored on end and not flat.
  • Mattresses should stand straight to maintain their shape and sofas can be stored on end to take up less space.
  • Create an inventory of all the stored items and keep it safe and handy.
  • Lock your storage unit using high-quality locks.
  • Dresses and tables should be stored top-to-top to help save space.
  • The items required frequently should be stored near the door.
  • In Richmond, we don’t offer self storage for certain items like perishables, combustibles, hazardous goods and firearms. Check our FAQ section for more information.

Insurance Tips

If you need self storage insurance for your items, we can help you. Monthly storage insurance premiums are based on the value of goods in storage and the size of the deductible.

If you need any type of self storage solution in Vancouver and Richmond, feel free to contact us today!

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