How to Pick the Size of Your Storage Unit

You might think that the size of your storage unit should be the same size as the stuff you’re putting into it, but there’s more to this question. First, don’t forget that you will sometimes want to fit yourself into the storage unit to find an item or to work on something.

Think about how much of your stuff you will want access to. Things like Christmas lights and Halloween decorations are fairly fragile things that you will probably want to take out once every year for a few weeks, so you want them near the top of the pile. Things like patio furniture will likely be wanted for a longer period of time, and the additional time to enjoy them might be worth a larger investment of physical labor in getting them out and then back into your storage locker. And a sturdy patio table can have objects stored on top of it.

Then think about how much of your stuff you will pack into boxes that can be stacked. Plan to put heavier boxes on the floor with lighter ones stacked on top of them. Some moving companies suggest that boxes should only be stacked three or four high, since a higher stack of them could put too much weighted pressure onto the bottom box.

If you have light objects that you want to store but don’t want to box, you can put them on top of the boxes. Meanwhile, larger heavier objects should be placed directly on the floor.

So when you consider all these issues, how large should your storage unit be now? That’s the place to start looking when you call us. More than that, we can help you plan. Call us today to find out more.