How to Pack Valuables For Storage

Woman holding jewelry

First, gather up the items that you want to store, and assess their value. This will help you buy the right amount of insurance. And if something is irreplaceable and dear to your heart, why are you storing it? Could you find room for it somewhere, so you can admire it every day?

Put everything you can into boxes or other protective covers. They help keep your items organized and clean. Make a list of what you’re storing, and label all the boxes with either a numbering system or a sign that will remind you of what’s inside of them, so you can find things again once they are stored. But for security purposes, do not label boxes with a sign that indicates valuables are inside of it. Instead, make that box look like any other, but with a number that only you will know means it’s got valuables.

Then put mover’s tape onto the bottom of the box, keeping its flaps together securely. Turn the box right side up, and line the bottom with crumpled newsprint.

Use support materials like bubble wrap to help protect your fragile valuables, and then pack them in – not tightly so you have to push, but snugly enough so they don’t bounce around when being moved. You can also use fabric in plastic bags, or other soft items, to help pad breakable valuables.

Don’t over pack your boxes – start with more than enough so you distribute your valuables between them.

Finally, place your boxes containing valuables gently into your storage locker, and don’t put anything heavy on top of them. You can put them on top of heavier boxes, or in their own section packed 2 or 3 boxes deep.

Feel free to ask us for advice. We deal with storage issues every day and have learned some good lessons through experience.