How Storage Fits In With A Move

Smiling man holding a cardboard box and moving into his new home

Moving can be one of life’s stressful events, but it can also be easy if you plan ahead. Start planning as soon as you know you’re going to move – time can go quickly and you want to avoid feeling stressed.

There are several excellent moving checklists online that you can find and use. All of them include deciding what you want to keep and move, or discard, give away or sell. And when you decide to keep more stuff than you want in your new place, we can provide a good storage solution.

You can either self pack your stuff, or have a moving company pack it for you. This decision largely depends on your available time and money. Either way, clearly mark your items with notes that show where they are heading. Sticky notes in different colors, with each color representing either move, storage, or discard, can really help keep things organized. Colored sticky notes also tell you at a glance what your plans are for a particular box or item.

Self storage also plays an important role when you have just sold and need to move out of your place, but you have yet to find a new place to call home. Store your goods with us while you find and prepare a new place for your move in day.

You might have another reason to use mini storage. Perhaps you have inherited some items or even received some extra large presents. Store them while you decide what to do with them.

Call us to find out how we can help, whatever your reason for using a storage solution.