Business and Residential Storage Uses

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We provide storage solutions for both businesses and residents. Both customers are seeking clean and reliable storage solutions, and have needs that are surprisingly similar.

Both customers might want furniture and goods to be stored during renovation or construction projects. Storing items during these times helps keep them safe, free from damage, and dust free. Getting items out of the way also helps the workers keep the project running smoothly, on time and on budget.

Businesses and homes might go through transitions such as downsizing and not want to part with the furniture and items they own. Storage solutions can be used to store seasonal items, desks, filing cabinets, equipment, and more. You can rent a space that fits the size of the items you want to store, and keep them safe while you decide what you want to do with them.

When you’re moving is another time to use storage. Even if you’re moving to a larger space, you might have some time between places during which you will want to use storage. Or you might want to present your business location or home clutter free and staged, which support a quick sale. You can rent space from Simply Storage on a monthly basis, which helps keep your costs down while keeping your items for your future office or home.

Some reasons for storing goods differ between business and residential customers. Businesses might want to store extra inventory before a tradeshow or special blow out sale. Whereas residential customers might want to store seasonal items from snowmobiles to patio furniture.

Whether you’re a business or residential customer, call us and find out more about storing your goods safely this winter.