A Few Moving Tips


Moving is about so much more than simply putting your belongings into boxes, moving them, then unpacking in your new home. Thinking it through will help you make the whole process smoother and more fun.

When you decide to move, starting making a list of all the things you will have to get done to successfully move. Then post the list where you will see it, such as on your fridge or on the wall above your computer. Check off tasks as you complete them – this will help motivate you and keep an updated visual picture of your progress.

As you pack your boxes, write out an inventory of what you’re packing. Use a numbering system like Kitchen – 1, Kitchen – 2, etc. Along with a box inventory list, this will help you when you want to find your bottle opener to celebrate arriving in your new home. To make it even easier, separate out the items you use most often and pack them all into the same labeled box.

Don’t keep your move a mystery to your friends and the companies that serve you. Send your friends an ecard about moving, with your new address and phone number. Also, for two or three months before the move, write down all the companies that serve you or use your address in billing. This list will remind you to change your Hydro, phone service, cable, and other providers who will help make your new place feel like home.

For all the items that you don’t want to part with but don’t have room for or want to have at your new home, call us to find out how you can safely store them while deciding what to do with them.